Leaving Motril for Tarifa

We started the week by exploring the amazing caves in Nerja. It was just awesome! Going for the non-guided tour option was a good move because we were able to enjoy it at our own pace. The rest of the week was dedicated to packing, moving to Tarifa and unpacking. So far it is incredibly windy and rainy but it should be sunny and warmer again by mid-week.

As we keep talking about our trip to Asia the kids were interested about the food there. So we watched some videos and saw people eating snails. Guess what we had for dinner next day?

Alex spent most of this week by building Lego, playing Minecraft, reading and teasing his sisters.
Kája is finally getting his daily doses of kitesurfing. This is also the last week of his no-work-over-holidays commitment.
Lilly would love to spend her days reading but is still super excited about our Space project. She was also having a blast “dressing up” the cube (part of her math) and trying to find all the possible patterns (she still has 4 more to discover).
Lulu got to try flying a “real” 12 sqm kite. She was super thrilled and is definitely hooked!
And Maya’s week was full of dancing, singing, riding bike and playing with her new trains.

Happy new year and all the best to you all!


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