Tarifa: finding our feet

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!

Yup, it was super rainy this week. I think we only had two dry days. We were all anxious to get out again and burn all the energy. As soon as it stopped pouring down, we decided to explore Tarifa a bit. We went to the southernmost point of Europe, Punta de Tarifa; well, we went to the gates of the military base and managed to find the first geocache of 2016. It’s an interesting feeling to stand on the European soil and have Africa within reach.

The next day was perfect for a day trip to Gibraltar. We parked in La Línea de la Concepción and walked about one mile to the border. After a quick passport check, we finally entered the British overseas territory. Our steps lead to the biggest attraction, the Rock. We took the cable car up and went to see the apes. They were so much fun! One of them opened Kaja’s backpack and another one jumped into Maya’s stroller trying to grab her sandwich. We knew that eating around them wasn’t recommended so we always snacked in places where there were not any, but we forgot that Maya is a slow eater. Luckily, Kaja saved the day and scared the ape away. 🙂 After the initial shock and tears Maya found the whole situation pretty amusing. Unfortunately, we underestimated the distance and the walk took a bit longer than we expected: After 4 hours we had three extremely tired and thirsty kids. Once we walked all the way down, we stopped for a coffee at the Grand Casemates Square. The kids immediately joined bunch of local children playing soccer. As it was almost dinner time, Lilly went to a Fish and Chips place and ordered this typical British dish. It was a first time for everyone and I have to admit that we were not that excited. The food and rest helped a lot so nobody was complaining about the distance we had to walk back to our car.

On Sunday, Pavel and Thomas came to stay with us for few days. It is so nice to have visitors as we miss both our family and friends. Pavel brought two iPads mini that we purchased on-line for Lilly and Alex; you can imagine the joy. 🙂 The rules are simple: only educational apps are allowed. Yeah, let’s see how that goes. 😀


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