Cádiz & Honored Guests

The city of Cádiz was on our list of places to see. The only thing we knew about it was that Christopher Columbus sailed twice from there during his voyages to discover America. Since Lilly is always excited to talk about her second home, this was a perfect way to introduce some of the history.

Cádiz is also one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. It all sounded pretty exciting so we decided to go while our friends and fellow translators Pavel and Thomas were here – and we totally fell in love with that town. The white buildings, narrow streets with little shops, beaches with fine sand, gorgeous squares with tangerine trees… there’s just really good energy everywhere. We walked to the top of the cathedral’s bell tower and saw the entire city from a bird perspective… and also experienced how loud the bells can ring :D. The rest of the day was spent walking through the city and just enjoying the atmosphere.

When our friends left on Wednesday, we decided to sign up Lilly and Alex for a surfing class. They LOVE it! We basically spent every afternoon at the beach so they can practice. It’s so much fun. We even bought our own board so we don’t have to rent one all the time. (Let’s see how we fit it in the car when we move to Portugal in March.)

Besides having fun surfing, they also love their new iPads :D. Alex had somewhat hard time grasping the concept of “educational games only”. It took some explaining but now he seems to come to terms with that and is actually really enjoying the new games.

What’s trending this week:

  • Chess
  • Learning Spanish
  • Sudoku
  • Google maps

Maya is becoming a master of peeling onions! Every time we go to the kitchen, she grabs one and peels it. Thank goodness we used them all the time :D.

Life is good!

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