Busy Week in Tarifa

Talk about challenging week!

First, Kaja got flooded with work and then his parents called that grandma had a stroke and is in hospital. Her health has been rather deteriorating during the last couple of months so we decided it would be best for him to fly to Prague.

Thankfully, there were many happy moments too! On Monday we went to see four young Czechs that live close by and discovered the Punta Paloma sand dune! We had a blast jumping, rolling and doing sand angels :-); and the view was breathtaking! We definitely want to come back.

Tons of work means being stuck at home. So our days were filled with Spanish, cooking, origami, chess, Lego, yoga, working on the “Space” project, making a paper gun, reading, practicing the proper pop up (essential part of surfing), drawing, building blocks, doing math and searching for the best flight ticket. Oh and the kids spent tons of time writing e-mails to grandma, grandpa and their friend Katka.

Kaja’s plane was leaving at 3 pm on Saturday from Aeropuerto Málaga. We left the house shortly before noon and dropped him off at the airport around 1:45 pm. Our plan was simple – spending the rest of the day at the Interactive music museum. Let me tell you, parking in the center of Málaga (which is currently under construction with all sorts of one ways and no ways) is beyond frustrating. But after 30 minutes we managed to grab one of the last spots in a shopping mall parking. We took a nice 20 minute walk through the town as the building is right in the historical center. The museum was amazing! There are three types of rooms – white, black and red. You can only look at all the stuff in white and black rooms. Red rooms are where the fun begins! We got to try loads of amazing instruments. Great place to visit!

Stay tuned as we’ll be posting some videos on Wednesday :).

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