Exploring Space – and Local Bike Trails

Yeah, I’m sure you’ve all heard the story about my expired driver’s license. Well I don’t like to push my luck so going from the airport on Saturday and there again on Sunday was the only driving I did this week. But that doesn’t mean we were sitting home and bored ourselves to death. No way, Jose!

Lilly finished her Space project. A video we saw with the kids inspired us to re-create all the planets from sand and balloons. We‘ve had so much fun – and I’ve learnt so much! Now I know what a red spot is, where to find the tallest mountain in our solar system or why Pluto is not a planet anymore.

Bikes have been kind of forgotten here as there are no kid-friendly bike paths in this area. But one day we were simply determined to go out there nevertheless. It was not easy as the path was hilly and rocky but the kiddos did great! We cycled for an hour or so and came to a point with steps. So we just left our bikes there and explored on foot. We have to do this again with Kája!

Do you know what Akki Rotti is? Well, I didn’t know either until the kids spotted rice flour in the store. They wanted to make something with it so when we got home they went on YouTube and watched tons of “rice flour recipe” videos. The Indian flat bread was a winner so we made it for lunch while talking a bit about India.

And the biggest achievement of this week? That goes to our youngest one. Maya finally managed her fear of water and started to go in (like, really in, not just the inch of water at the shore), surf, dive and play in the waves! Yay 🙂

Oh and we’re happy to have Kája home and hear that grandma is slowly recovering from the stroke.

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