Up the Acheron River

If you ever happen to be in this part of Greece, walking up the Acheron river is something you don’t want to miss. For us, it was possibly the best trip during our month in Lefkada (others like it, too). You start slow, just walking through icy-cold water which quickly turns nice and warm as soon as you hit the right current. We walked about two or three kilometers up the river and had tremendous fun wading – and many times even swimming – the incredibly clean water. All of the kids had a blast, even though the smallest ones (2 and 3 years old) had to be carried though a large part of the trip.

Word of advice: be ready for some challenging fights with powerful currents in deeper water where you can’t get any decent foothold (having a strong and tall guy in your party makes a lot of things easier). Make sure not to bring any electronics that is not waterproof or stuff that can’t get wet (because you WILL be wet from head to toes). (You can alternatively bring enough zip-locs, which is what we did and it worked well.)

If you don’t give up, you will be rewarded with stunning natural beauty – see for yourself in our (a little too blurry – sorry!) video below.


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