Slow-travel Log: Alam Lestari Mangrove Beach

As our snorkeling plans didn’t work out (the waves were too wild), we really had nothing to do. The kids played with a bunch of local children and we finished some work. After a nice lunch, we visited a few temples and were robbed by a gang of monkeys – those suckers stole our water! We needed to lift the spirit so Lulu picked a spot in the map and ordered: We’re going to Alam Lestari Mangrove Beach! After some hard code offroad riding and a kilometer or so through a landscape reminding us of Mordor, we finally arrived at the beach. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and all I could say (with a mild sarcastic smirk) was: Wow, well done, Lulu!

Není to ráj?
Doesn’t it look like paradise?

Throwing in the towel is not our style, though, so we decided to explore the area a little bit. What we found completely blew our minds. Due to the low tide, we saw the bottom of the ocean. There were amazing shells and corals everywhere. We found a great number of sea-creatures, too!

Alex s novým mazlíčkem, slečnou Mořskou hvězdou.
Alex with his new pet: meet Mr. Starfish.

Well, we ended up staying for two hours and left this awesome place with a big smile on our faces and convinced that the old saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover” is really true.

More pictures are available on our Facebook page.

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