A Vietnamese Cooking Class in Hoi An

The owner of the An Bang Beach Village restaurant has a smart plan: he uses a geocache hidden at his place to lure hungry and thirsty treasure hunters. And it works – at least for us it did! It’s a neat little restaurant and just a perfect place to enjoy a few smoothies and egg coffees on a hot day. It did not take long to start chatting with the friendly owner and arranging a Vietnamese cooking class – a sweet opportunity to find out a little bit more about our favorite cuisine.

A few days later, we hopped on the bikes and rode, together with our instructor, to Hoi An to shop for ingredients (meat, fish, veggies, and herbs) at the local market and enjoy a few more of those delicious Vietnamese smoothies and coffees in a nearby café. And then it was time to start cooking, which we did until late after noon, preparing deep-fried spring rolls, chicken with veggies and fish baked straight on the gas cookier in a wrap made out of banana leaves.

Calling the whole thing a class might a little exaggerated – it’s more like a “cook your own lunch” with plenty of assistance from the restaurant staff. Nevertheless, we all had tons of fun – not just when cooking the food, but also when eating the fruits of our labor; everything was simply delicious! 🙂

Here’s a video:

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