How to do 2.5k kilometers by car? Slow and easy does the trick

Silly ideas, like driving more than 2.5 thousand kilometers in one stretch, are definitely not our thing anymore. That’s why we split this year’s (already third!) journey to Motril into five days. Even this number was a bit too low for our liking – 14 days seem optimal. Unfortunately, as we had to arrive in Motril on October 13 (our favorite apartment was only available from the said October 13 until November 13) plus spend some time at home, we unfortunately did not have many options. But, hey, one simply does not miss out on two grandmas’ birthday parties, right? 🙂

Quite a distance, no?

As for the on-the-road accommodation, we relied (with one exception) on AirBnb, as usual. The first leg of the trip was set quite long, so the first stop in France right past the German border had single purpose – to cook some quick dinner, take care of e-mails and necessary work and get some sleep.

It took just a few hours of driving on Day 2 and we started to be quite convinced that we’re slowly leaving the cold and damp mess of a weather of Central Europe, coming close to some more reasonable temperatures and sunshine. Our assumption was confirmed in the afternoon after arriving at our home for the night, this super lovely tiny little house in the middle of French countryside. The surrounding nature was full of vibrant autumn colors, the villages we drove through were as picturesque as it gets and the sun was shining – that’s how we love it. Just watch the short video above to see what we mean.

Spain! Finally!

Our next stop was in our target country, Spain. We chose the Vedrell Platja camping place. The bungalow we rented through was small but quite sufficient for one night. The camping place had another huge benefit, though – a huge pool that made our kiddos super happy and provided hours of fun.

They just don’t get bored at a pool

We didn’t want to miss out on any available water attractions, so we also visited the nearby beach. These kiddos just can’t stay away from water and soon they were happily splashing about in the rather cold ocean and playing in the fine sand.

The ocean, yay!

Next came Alicante, this Airbnb place, to be precise. We just can’t recommend it enough. The house is beautifully designed, the yard is huge, full of animals and the hosts are simply amazing. Even though we only spent one night, we were given a bottle of delicious wine, a plate of Spanish dry-cured ham, amazingly sweet cantaloupe and also a parking card for the port so that we din’t need to worry about parking when we went downtown.


The parking card was a life saver. On that particular weekend, Alicante was the starting point of this year’s Volvo Ocean Race (hence the sailboat on the picture above). That meant tons of people, thousands of cars everywhere plus overloaded parking lots.

Santa Bárbara Castle

Our main target in Alicante was the Santa Bárbara castle. We were surprised by it’s vastness, fantastic views – and the Iron Throne from the Song of Ice and Fire.

Lilly or Cersei?

Friday was easy – we just had to drive a few hundred kilometers (also through the greenhouse-covered landscape around Almeria) to get to Motril, our favorite place in Costa Tropical.

Let the water fun begin!

Right after unpacking a few things, we went straight to Playa Granada to say Hello to José, the owner of AWA Watersports, and sign up the kiddos for water sports classes. The first one was on the next day, but we’ll write about that later :-).

More pictures are available on our Facebook page.

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2 Replies to “How to do 2.5k kilometers by car? Slow and easy does the trick”

  1. While searching for newly posted information on my old Air Force station there on Lefkas, I stumbled across your fine, interesting site. I served from June, 1973-June 1974 on top of the mountain at Lefkas, Greece with the USAF. I was age 32 then, less than half of my present age of 76 now. I worked in the diesel power plant there producing electricity for the communications site. All our water, diesel fuel was transported up to us and our sewage was trucked away as usual.

    We ate like kings there with our Greek cooks. Steak once a week and we had access to the food refrigerator which was a huge commercial sized refrigerated room. Great place for those midnight snacks! Of course we had pool and ping pong tables and a basket ball goal and volley ball court. We had lots of time to read and write letters or sight see and hike.

    I operated my Amateur radio there and my call sign was SV0WXX. Many happy hours were spent chatting with my European neighbors. There were 29 of us stationed there and we were as close as any family. I look back with much fondness tainted with some sadness too I guess.

    The Air Force provided a 16′ day sailor as well as a couple of small one person crafts. I sailed around Onassis’ island of Scorpios once and Jackie Kennedy solom skied by me. (She didn’t even wave….) One night, President Kennedy’s kids, John and Caroline came up to watch some movies with us. Their Mother, Jackie, called before they arrived and told our commander she didn’t want them seeing any scary movies. So when they came up they were asked what kind of movie they would like to see. I forget the name of the movie but it was a “blood and guts” thriller of some sort. They were very friendly, nice and well mannered.

    Trips to our main Base Exchange in Athens were made by two of us each month. We drove a ton and a half truck down and spent the night, then the next morning would load the truck and go “home” again. The Greek traffic is indeed interesting and we always stopped at a traverna and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine sipping Greek beer and eating Suflaka. (Spell) The road up to the top of the mountain is one of the most treacherous I’ve ever driven.

    We spent many happy days at the Lefkas harbor watching the sail boats from all over the world. Such an exciting, mind expanding experience. I would love to go back for a visit, but as Thomas Wolfe wrote, “You can’t go home again….”

    1. Karel Tatransky says: Reply

      Dear Doug, thank you so much for this comment. It’s great to learn more about places we have visited (several times already in the case of the relay station on Lefkada). If we go there again this year, we will definitely see it in yet another light!

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