About us

Two years ago they gave up the lease on their apartment and sold most of what they owned. They put the rest into storage and set off on their first trip. A road trip around Europe. Today they fly with hand luggage only, for six or nine months at a time. The Tatransky parents and their three children are seeing the world.
— Barbora Sedláčková, Radio Wave

Maybe you’ve had it, too: itchy feet and the feeling you need a change. We had always enjoyed traveling, but hadn’t gone anywhere or done anything for far too long, because no time, no money, too hard with children, need a vacation to get over the first vacation and whatever else. And we were getting tired of pining over pictures from our friends’ travels. So we decided as long as we were at it we should make the change a major one – after all, conditions were perfect: as freelance translators we are location-free, we can squeak by in a few foreign languages (kids too), and we were already homeschooling our children. So in November 2015 we packed our toothbrushes (okay, and about a million other things we crammed into the car, plus a roof box, plus a bike rack…) and set out to spend the winter in Spain, officially going from homeschoolers to worldschoolers. Since then we’ve been slowly making our way around Europe (to be continued in spring 2017). At the moment we are exploring Southeast Asia.

Slow-traveling Worldschoolers