Slow-travel Log: Vietnam, adventurous

We had no idea Vietnam was going to be this adventurous. Yesterday, while driving to the beach, we saw a guy in the middle of the road holding a huge brick in his hand. He was about to throw it at a car passing by. However, spotting us changed his mind and suddenly he was […]

Slow-travel Log: Vieuphoria

After a small delay, we’re back again, reporting from Ho Chi Minh City AKA Saigon. What we’re experiencing here three days in a row is pure euphoria – the food is awesome and omnipresent; the people are so nice and friendly; the city is relatively clean, even if you compare it to our home country; […]

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces


Rice terraces are, without any doubt, one of the most iconic sights of Bali that we just had to experience on our own. As we went to Ubud about a month ago, we decided to visit the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Unfortunately for us, Google reviews did not paint the full picture and the place […]

Traveling Light

As soon as you start traveling full time, you gradually realize how little you need, no matter whether you are a lone backpacker or a family of five. Not having to schlep heavy suitcases or overthink your daily outfits, and quicker packing/unpacking are all good reasons to downsize your stuff to a bare minimum. Once we […]